Cathy Gu Design
Cathy Gu is a San Francisco based design strategist specializing in brand strategy, qualitative research, and human-centered design.

Cathy Gu Design

Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & strategy for brands, publications, and people.


Cathy Gu

Cathy Gu is a freshly minted industrial design and design management Master’s graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design. In combining a rigorous academic experience with professional roles in the public and private sector, Cathy has exemplified my keen ability to solve difficult design problems, collaborate on teams, and work with consumer insight initiatives. Recognized for improving marketing strategies and compiling insightful consumer research, Cathy has a verifiable history of professional success as an intern, student, and worker. Design focal points include industrial design, consumer insight, branding, market research, cross-functional team leadership, project management, performance assessment, marketing initiatives, and process optimization. 

Colleagues describe Cathy as a progressive, driven, down-to-earth, creative and analytical expert who can be relied on to offer superior solutions that deliver profitable results on time and under budget.