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Fossil Men's Watch

For this collaborative learning experience, the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and Fossil came together to create five collections of Men’s watches for 2015. With the direction of Ryan White, Fossil’s creative director of men’s watches, and Pei-Jung Chen, SCAD Industrial Design and Jewelry professor, students from Industrial Design, Jewelry, and Graphic Design worked to add exciting new products to Fossil’s line. 

There were five teams, each tasked with creating a collection of watches surrounding a particular theme. These themes were as follows: Blue, Estate, Retro Pilot, Speedway, and Utility. Each pertains to a certain lifestyle, embodied by Fossil’s Mark, the signature persona of Fossil’s target male customer. Mark is a renaissance man, partaking in a variety of activities, both indoors and out, ranging from casual to adventurous. Like the Fossil brand, Mark’s style abides by a modern vintage aesthetic.

The teams began by researching other watch competitors and the Fossil brand at large. They researched their themes in terms of history and subject matter, to come up with compelling concepts. Emerging from each team’s visual inspiration were their unique watch designs, beginning with initial sketches, moving on to refined sketches, to illustrator renders, rhino renders, and finally the watch prototypes and their accompanying packages.

“Representing simplicity, nobility and heritage, the Estate collection has a classic appeal with a contemporary design aesthetic. Inspired by the simplicity of vintage timepieces with contemporary styling. A timeless accessory that’s simple but sophisticated.”

Estate Mark: “Tailored suits, pocket squares, and tie clips take up a generous section of his wardrobe. In preparation for an evening night out he needs his watch to resemble the same level of sophistication and character. He wants a timeless look with contemporary style.”

We focused our attention on subtle details found in well-crafted products from the 1950s, such as glasses, shoes, cars, and cameras. Textures that inspire our design include sharp, yet sleek detailing found in finely-machined metals; the rough look, yet smooth feel of worn leather and polished enamel finishes. Matte blacks accented with highly-polished golds or silvers; deep browns; rich, dark blues. Our goal was to design a collection that will not be influenced by ever-changing trends while honoring the Fossil brand. As Mark matures, his watch is the one accessory that stays with him. Keep up with time, keep your style timeless.

This collection shows off subtle elements of vintage items such as cameras and cars. This Collection will bring back the past in a fresh new way to help mark celebrate heritage.